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4 thoughts on “My Albums

  1. Randy George

    Hi Paul,

    just checking out your website. I’ve always loved your guitar playing and skill. You have a really good sound and are very gifted. You’re very smart on the guitar and I think it’s great you share your musical knowledge. I have your shred guitar book and CD as well as the hard rock solos book and CD. They’re great! I was wondering how I could buy some of your music CD’s. In particular Mind Scanner and The Visitor. It looks like they’re only available through downloadable itunes on your site. I was kinda hoping to purchase the CD versions. I went to Amazon but they don’t seem to sell them. Any suggestions you have would be appreciated.



  2. Léo

    Hi Paul,
    “The Visitor” just shuffled through my iPod. Still sounds fresh & timeless from when I first bought the CD in Tokyo when the USAF stationed me there in the 90s. Please tell me where I can purchase the rest of your discography.

  3. Michael Doran

    Paul –
    You may or may not remember me. We were childhood friends / classmates and neighbors on M.i. I lived 2 doors down in the colonial “White House” next to the Onesti’s. I was happy to discover you on the web and read of your success.
    Mike Doran

    1. Kim Hanson Post author

      Wow Mike! We used to have a ton of fun with your dinky cars and trucks!!! How the heck are you.


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